Thank for choosing to participate in our Tournament.  Please follow the following instructions to sign up.

1.  Add events for ONE participant at a time.   To sign up for an event, simply pick the appropriate events you will be participating in.  You must add one by one similarly to buying things on an online store.  Remember that each time you add events you will be doing this for only ONE participant.  To add another participant you must finish registration for the first participant and come back to and start registration for the next participant.  If you are only buying spectator tickets, simply click on on the appropriate box and indicate how many you need.  If the participant is a minor, they MUST be accompanied by an adult who will need a spectator ticket to enter.  You will receive a multi event discount when you select more than one event.  The costs are as follows: One event $45, two events $60, three events $85, and four events $100.

2.  Add the participant information. Once you have finished click on “Proceed to checkout”.  On the next screen, aside from entering your payment information, add the participant information and the contact name in “Parent/Guardian”.  If you are over 18 years of age it is not mandatory to add a parent or guardian. You must add the right age, height, weight and belt of the participant.  This is very important and helps us place the participant in the right event.  If you are unsure, speak to your sensei and they will guide you on which event you should be participating in.  Sometimes events change – Please note the events may change a little depending on sign ups.  In some cases events are joined together, in others you are moved to other categories depending on size, etc.  Please keep tabs with your Sensei as they will receive an updated list each week of the event you have been entered into.  Changes can be made up until 3 days before the actual tournament day.  Don’t worry, your sensei knows which event is best for you, and the week of the event an email will be sent to you with the latest update of where you are signed up.  If you are missing any information such as the right age, height, weight, belt, etc. communicate directly with Sensei Luis Auza at who will make the updates.

3.  Place the Order to complete. Once you hit on “place order” you will receive an email that will confirm your participation in the tournament.  Print this email which will include an id number and this will help you get identified at the event.

  1. If you are just buying spectator tickets.  If you happen to be purchasing only spectator tickets but not participating, or having anyone in your family participate, you will need to do this at the door the day of the tournament.


1.  Changes after entering. If you made a mistake during registration, need to add an event, or need to take an event away, we will need you to contact Sensei Luis Auza who can help you make the changes necessary.  His email is  Feel free to contact him at any time for any changes to your registration.  These will include changing any personal information or other things such as earning a new belt, changing address, etc.  A new updated email will be sent to you within 48 hours.

2.  Technical difficulties.  If you are having technical difficulties with the website, please contact technical support at

3.  Can’t Place the Order. If the site does not let you advance once you have filled out the form, please re check all of your entries.  The ones marked with a red asterisk * are required before you can finish.  In most cases, not adding necessary information, or adding erroneous information (i.e.  the participant’s birthday cannot be the current year) will prevent you from finishing the sign up.  Also, note you must accept the Terms and Conditions before continuing.

4.  Don’t see a confirmation. If you do not see an email within 24 hours after registering, please email and we will send you a copy.

Frequently asked questions

  1. My son/daughter is doing a pinan, or kata at the tournament – That is the form they are performing at the event.  They are essentially competing with that routine.  That means they are signing up for “forms”.
  2. What is Open Kata?  – Open Kata is a form that is not traditional to our system.  For example: “Pinan 1” and “Kata 1” are names for the forms we practice at the studio, that would be a “traditional form”.  The “Snake Form” or “Buddha Fist” is a non-traditional form, and you should sign up for Open Kata.  Ask your Sensei for assistance.
  3. How do I know what my kids are signing up for? Ask your Sensei.  They can definitely help you get registered.  Ask them if you need to sign up for Sparring, Kata, Open Kata and/or Weapons.
  4. What weapons are allowed? –  Most Weapons purchased through Bushido Martial Arts Supplies are valid at the tournament.  Nunchakus, Broadswords, Katana, Spear, Fan, Bo Staff, and many others will be allowed and checked by the instructors.  Consult with your studio first.
  5. Is there weapon combat? – No.  Only weapon form demonstration.  Essentially, the participant is showing a practiced routine with a weapon on hand.  You will not be fighting another person with a weapon.
  6. What is an “event” and a “division”? – An event is how we refer to each competition within the tournament.  There are sparring events, where people spar each other for points, and form events, where participants are judged based on their performance of a routine empty handed or with a weapon.  Within each Event we have several Divisions.  For example, there is Sparring for White and Yellow belts, and Sparring for Orange Belts, and for Purple belts, etc.  In the same vein, we have sub-divisions by age, for example: Jr. Pee Wee = 4-6 year olds, Pee Wee = 4-9 year olds, etc.
  7. My son/daughter is too big/small for the their division. No problem.  Your sensei will tell you which division they should be entered into.  In some cases we have had 10 year old that had to compete with the 7-9 because they were too small to fight with older kids, and in others we had the really tall 13 year old fight with the 14-17 year olds because of their size.  We try to make the best determinations possible per person, but no tournament is perfect.  We simply try our best to match competitors as best we can.  Please refer to your instructor who can give you the best way to sign up for each event.
  8. I am afraid my kids or myself will get hurt competing – We completely understand this.  The tournament is a family oriented fun event.  The competition is basically a game and we do not want anyone to get hurt.  Although we cannot promise this will not happen we take all the precautions possible to keep it safe, and you should too.  Inform your sensei of any issues you may have during the competition.
  9. What do I bring when I get there?  – Full uniform, full sparring gear if you are sparring, and your weapons, if you are doing weapons forms.  You cannot participate with partial uniforms or with no belt.  You should also PRINT your tickets before you get there.  Water and food will be allowed, but please help us clean the arena clean by disposing of waste in the appropriate place.
  10. How do I get tickets? – When you finish signing up, you will get a “Welcome Email”.  This email is your ticket.  Please print it and read it.  If you buy spectator tickets, you will also get another email that will tell you how many tickets you purchased.  Print this also and have it ready with you when you get to the event.
  11. What happens then, where do I go?  You will se the arena is divided into squares with numbers on each one.  Check the schedule for your time and your ring number, which is also on your ticket and on the schedule.  Simply stay close to the ring and look for the other competitors who will have the same belts you do and will be around the same size.  An instructor will come to the ring and begin the event.  Don’t worry, your name will be called before the event starts.  If you are in the right ring at the time assigned to you, you are good.  If you do not hear your name when the instructor takes roll, simply approach him/her and ask to check.  Pay attention to the loud speakers, sometimes rings are split to manage large amount of participants. You will be given plenty of time to relocate if needed and you will be allowed to participate.
  12. How long do I stay? – Each even lasts about an hour.  If you are doing one event at one time, and then another later, you do not have to stay the whole time.  You just need to make sure you show up at the right ring specified on the scheduled at the right time.  Sometimes rings run late, but they do not start early, only on time.
  13. What happens if I don’t make it to my event, do I get a refund? – Nope.  Sorry.  Once the events have started on the day of the tournament there are no more refunds.  We expect you to show up and instructors have already been hired to be there for you.  More students means more instructors are needed, but if you do not show up, we cannot retroactively release an instructor.  Refunds are only allowed up to 3 days before the sign up deadline.  After that, it is all set and done.  Credit for unused event payments may be awarded at the discretion of the Tournament Director only.
  14. Can I comment on points, discuss with the officials? – You are always allowed to ask questions AFTER THE EVENT has finished.  You may ask why you got a certain point, or score, and what can you do to improve the next time.  However, you are NOT allowed to debate points awarded during the event, challenge the official rulings, use any offensive language or behave in a disorderly manner when the event is taking place.  Failure to follow these rules may result in instant disqualifications for the participants, and further, you may be removed from the arena.  The Martial Arts is all about respect.  Some people will win and some will learn, but we do not challenge the scores and points given.  Our instructors are human and will likely MAKE MISTAKES, but this is ultimately just a game.  Good sportsmanship is expected of all participants, family members, friends and spectators at all times.